Nov 3, 2010

jobs are weird

I'm on a blog lull currently, so this could be full of my inner pointless rambling.  Please enjoy or skip.

Sometimes school can be so monotonous that it's easy to forget that I'm being trained for a vocation.  It still feels like I'm studying just to get to the next class, but in reality, I'm creeping closer to actual WORK! (gasp!)  It's weird to think that any of us can choose just about anything to "do".  Rocket scientist, librarian, homemaker, archaeologist, barista, dolphin trainer.....the world is our playground.  I chose a playground that people only need when they are too sick to play.  Some chose playgrounds that people need when all they want to do is play.  It's such a huge choice that is asked of us.  Some say they don't find that calling until so late in life.  Regardless, we sleep more in our life than anything else.  But after the shut eye, we work.   Do you ever look up from your daily job and think, 'this is weird?'  I mean that in the most simplest  and humorous way.  For instance...if my day involves school (which is most), I usually spend my time looking at things like this:
or this....

Those pictures were so stunning I bet I've enticed you to keep reading...ha! But my point is, jobs are weird.  Did I ever think looking at those things would really get my engine going??  No.  Did I think that I loved medicine, people, and math and pharmacy really tailored to those things? Yes.  Did anyone let me see the details after I had decided on the 'big picture'? Nah. I think that would spoil the fun. 

I have so many friends and family that do sooo many different things as their 'job'.  The titles are nice to throw around, but I always really wonder what they truly do when they get to the office, or kitchen, or highway.  Jobs ask weird things of us.  Boring tasks, funny encounters, and daily activities that you can't really even explain.  Sometimes, you don't even know why you are doing them.  I secretly love that.  Somehow, we are all holding this fragile working world together by doing random things.  I'm proud of everyone that gets the job done that is asked of them.  No matter what it is, it's important. 

My job will be making sure I know everything I can about the medicine you are taking.  That's just a surreal thought.  I used to need help pouring my own milk when I was young, but don't worry...I'll get your IV antibiotics ready when needed.  Eeek!  But, that's so me.  I like to make sure there is a hefty dose of pressure in my life at all times.  I'm very envious of others that get to make choices and do things at work without scary consequences....(weathermen, cough cough).  I'm in awe of those that work in creating things.  I'm in love with those that start their own companies or discover new paths.  And, I'm partial to those that simply spend their days serving others. 

Jobs are just weird.  Jobs are scarce.  Jobs are tough.  I hope you enjoy yours, I hope you find one, or I hope it's worth every morning's journey to do it.  It shapes how we handle so much else of our real life happenings.  I'll leave you with an old faithful as we complete another week of work...

"Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might."  ~Eccl. 9:10


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