Nov 6, 2010

gypsy afternoon

Today, I had the great opportunity to attend this:
There really is nothing like Austin's trailer food.  For those not so fortunate to live near S. Congress or the other trailer hot spots, this festival was SUCH a good idea!  This was the first annual gathering, and I am happy to say that I attended.  I got to spend the day with two friends from pharmacy school that I'm getting to know very well this year.  Sarah and Stephanie were the perfect girls to go and eat with and listen to some live music.  I am sad that neither of them will be spending their rotation year in Austin. 

We began our day with the seriously-too-good Mighty Cone.  I haven't had this delicious fried chicken and coleslaw tortilla cone concoction since ACL all the way back in 2008.  Delicious!

Sarah and I starting the day

After this, the austin crowds really showed up in true fashion and the park started looking just like ACL only no bands.  It was a fun time warp for me.  We sampled some burgers from Hat Creek Burger Co. that were soooo good.  I realize I had fasted all morning, but I think that may be the best burger I've had in a long time.  Trailers just make things taste good.  Finally we decided on dessert at Bananarchy.  They freeze bananas, dip them in chocolate, and then let you pick what toppings you want sprinkled on.  Heavvven.  But heaven turned out to be a really long wait.  I never ever dreamed I would stand in line for an hour and half for a banana.  We did.  It was humorous.  Sarah and I decided that we can figure out how to make these frozen treats.  Who wouldn't enjoy a frozen banana dipping table for their next shower?!?

Stephanie and Sarah enjoying their bananas
Days like these make me so thankful that I have experienced Austin living.  Only here can you show up to a park, watch hundreds of dogs play around, and sample food from vendors that will hopefully never decide to go into the chain world.  It was a beautiful day in Austin that turned out to be a little hot! I can't believe that I got sunburned in November. I love you, Austin.

Much thanks to these sweet girls for a fun day! 

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