Nov 28, 2010

i am thankful

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home in Aurora, TX.  Holidays are great with my tiny family, because it's just simple relaxing time with my mom, dad, and uncle.  Oh, and the three cats.  My parents live in what I like to call the country, but it sure can be a nice area away from the hustle and bustle of the DFW.  Right after I arrived, I took a run and was reminded how beautiful life is. 

I am most thankful this year for my Uncle Joey's return home from the hospital.  He was admitted for over 2 weeks, and eventually had a defibrillator/pacemaker put in to help his heart.  After much rest, he is now doing better and was able to come eat with us on Thursday.  He is a funny guy, and I am glad for the memories we made this year.  Praying his health will continue to improve in the coming months. 

Uncle Joey
We actually had the cliche Thanksgiving meal with turkey and the works this year.  Sometimes we spice it up and have Tamale Thanksgiving, etc.  Unfortunately, despite my mother's best efforts, the turkey was a dud.  We joked before it came out of the oven that it might turn out like the Griswold's on Christmas Vacation.  Bad joke, because it wasn't far from the truth.  It gave us all a good laugh, and we drenched it in my late grandmother's delicious gravy recipe when we ate.  She would have been so distraught over that turkey, but we still had a great meal!  I miss her so much during the holidays!

Back in Austin now from the visit!  I am now one test away from finishing up my last fall semester of classwork.  Next time most of you see me, I'll be a P3.5, and applying for rotation choices for my fourth year here in Austin.  Time flies when you are studying (sorta). 

Thanks to my mom for all the cooking and coffee! 

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