Jan 20, 2011

fresh outlooks

As my 27th year fast approaches, I've been extra nostalgic, optimistic, and hopeful lately.  Fresh starts, new adventures, milestones, blah blah. Thought I'd share some sweet words I've yanked off the Internet that spoke to me. 

found here

found here
Also, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite little guy, BRIDGE BORECKI!  He turns 2 years old today, and this quote is for him!

Jan 7, 2011

25 Things I Learned at Starbucks

As promised, I have created a list of all the interesting things/life lessons I learned while working as a barista at the mecca of coffee.  It was a challenging year that I like to look back on from time to time.  The only thing I regret? They wouldn't let me keep the green apron!

  1. You really can't cry over spilled milk.  I went through gallons.
  2. Customer service jobs should be a prerequisite for life.  It will humble you ever after.
  3. Sometimes, shots really aren't a bad idea.  How do you think I was functioning at 4:30am? Two Words: ESPRESSO SHOTS.
  4. Kindness matters.  You may be the only person someone talks to their entire day.  Make it matter.
  5. Experiment often. Some crafty person found that hazelnut syrup and the strawberry cream base for frappuccinos tastes just like Captain Crunch!  Delish.
  6. So many people are lonely.  I met good people who just needed a hug.
  7. Wash your hands.  I saw terrible things.
  8. Dishes are a common bond.  At some point, we've all washed dirty dishes.
  9. It pays to be tidy.  Someone should be sweeping/cleaning the store every 15 minutes.
  10. Tip servers who do a great job.  Without tips at the bucks, they make minimum wage.
  11. There will always be unhappy people ready to tell you why they are unhappy. Keep smiling. When it got really bad, we may have given them decaf instead. Ooops.
  12. Be thankful for the free perks of your job.  I was too thankful and, therefore, too perky!
  13. Caffeine sleep is not restful.  My naps after a morning shift were filled with bizarre nightmares.
  14. Coworkers can be difficult.  Lots of culture and diversity behind those green aprons.
  15. Coworkers can be wonderful.  I learned so much while steaming milk and talking.
  16. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  Or really, just makes your coffee possible.
  17. Find your voice.  Honestly, learning to call out drinks loudly and clearly without yelling is funny.
  18. Cameras are everywhere, beware.  Yes, there is one on the drive thru.  And yes, I saw you. People do strange things in their car.
  19. Remain calm if at all possible.  12 drinks in 3 minutes? Sure...easy peasy.
  20. Khakis are not flattering.  Haven't worn a pair in 3 years.
  21. Take breaks.  This might be the only company that lawfully demands their employees walk away for 10 minutes.
  22. Surprise people.  Often people bought the coffee for the car behind them in the drive thru!  So fun.
  23. Soy milk tastes better.  I had to sneak that one in.  Try it sometime.
  24. Insurance is important.  I miss that health insurance!
And finally....

  25.  If you want a Venti, double cupped, 8 pump, Nonfat, 1.5 Splendas, Skinny, 150 degree, shaken not stirred, vanilla, carmel latte...what does the rest of your world look like?