May 10, 2011

closing the books...

this post is a little premature...BUT i don't care.  
in 3 days i will be done with my last final....
last class...
 of the 'school' part of pharmacy school.  
can i get an AMEN?!  
you can't imagine the relief that comes with this chapter ending.  
and please know that i'm not yet to the point of saying,
"wow, golly, that time flew by!"
not yet.
but i'm thankful.
as much as I have struggled,
these past 3 years have been filled with just as much

so, that leaves the 'pharmacy' part of pharmacy school.
it's going to be a fun different and interesting year.
i'm excited.

still, it's time to enjoy the present. 
i found this quote and fell in love.

and you know I love being on time... :)

last but not least:
i found a journal entry with 1 Peter 5:7
from the VERY beginning of school here in Austin.
i know that i need to constantly re-learn this no matter what journey i find myself on.
He cares for me....
that means you, too!
image found here