Nov 16, 2010

winter love and crushes

I'll admit that I'd prefer a stifling hot day of mid-August to any day in the Winter.  But, I do enjoy some perks of the colder days. It takes me a while to finally accept that the coolness is here to stay. Once there, I crush hard on wool, pretty blankets, pearls, mittens and gloves I never wear, and scarves.  I'm very excited about all the grey I've been seeing in the can be such a flattering color in the winter with rosy cheeks!  Here's some sweet winter favorites I've found.  I'm ready for quiet nights with hot chocolate and favorite movies!!  Hope it's a good season for you.

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  1. Lauren! Your blog is sooo cute! :) I'm adding your link to my blog at :)

    Good Luck on the IV and ABX exam!

    We can do it!!