Oct 21, 2010

you never know...

...what you can find on craigslist.  So, I used to be afraid of this website.  I think the awful murder story was enough to do us all in, but I have always thought it was a big scam and a place for bad things.  Then, Paige and I decided to try and find a kitchen table set for our new apartment.  Not wanting to spend half of our federal student loans, we checked out craigslist and really stalked the table section for about a week until we found our winner!  I can't lie, it's kind of exhilarating.  There were a few that we missed by minutes because people beat us to it.  I called one owner while someone was pulling up in their driveway with a trailer ready to steal my dreams.  When we made the final successful transaction, I felt like we WON!  When I poured over all these listings and descriptions, every now and then something odd or ridiculous would pop up in the search I created for tables.  People also like to sometimes divulge their reason for selling, and it gets really good when they are secretly selling their ex's belongings, etc. 
Anyway, I've found so many vintage treasures along the way as well.  There are things I will buy when I need to furnish a house, and you REALLY never know what craigslist has to offer!  I mean that literally, because people are selling and trading things that I didn't know was possible.  The house swapping on 'The Holiday' seems to really happen. All in all, wishes can really come true on this site.   Here's a couple of funnies I have collected:  (no copyright infringement intended...)

Like new toilet - $50
Like new bathroom low-flow toilet for sale. White. Save yourself some money and come pick it up. Price is firm.
This just seems wrong.  'Like New' is not how I want to buy a toilet, but maybe that's just me.  Yes, the economy is tough right now, but I'd save for this to be my one thing I could buy new? eww

4br - Ferreri for Equity in home
I have a 1992 Ferrerri owned and customed painted by Christan Shawn. One of a kind. Displayed at Ceasers Palace for ten years. Has only 2 K original miles.
I need a house in the south Austin area. I need at least four bedrooms but would prefer more. I do have a small R.V. that I need to have space to park.
Serious inquires only.
Okay, excuse me, what??? I googled Christan Shawn and still don't know who that is.  Caesar's Palace, Ferrari,  and probably Christan is spelled wrong and that worries me. Maybe some middle-aged guy really wants a ferrerri and will sell his house.  Maybe.

Need Afro Wig - $5
Looking for an afro wig - preferably brown - but black is OK. Can trade Homedics Foot massager (see pic) - has heat/regular mode - works great OR I have a stack of scantron tests that will outfit you for the rest of your college career. PLEASE!!!
I feel like some poor UT student is really excited about Halloween and is trying to Pawn off his foot massager that his mom probably bought him for Christmas.  So random.

miniature donkeys - $90

miniature donkeys for $90 each or $125 for the pair.
there jennys around 2yr very healthy
will deliver up to 25 miles free
This is my favorite because I forgot donkeys can be miniature, and I absolutely love donkeys.  So cute and so sad that they are for sale.  If I had a farm I might be in trouble.  I hope they find a loving home along with all the other wonderful treasures on this crazy site.
Thanks, Craigslist.