Oct 19, 2010


I've been really stuck on this word lately: LOVELY.
I made a playlist about a month ago of songs that I loved at the moment, and i titled it 'lovely'. 
I have no idea where it came from or started from, but i felt such attachment to the word. Isn't it a great word?  It's almost one of those words that sounds exactly what it means it my head.  Good things, beauty, love things. 

After I started inadvertently adding this sweet word into my vocab without inhibition, I heard one of the sweetest songs ever. I heard it unintentionally through Pandora. I'd never heard of the artist, never heard the song.  But somewhere along a busy highway in Austin on a UT Shuttle Bus leaving campus....I heard this:

I don't wanna be hurt
I just want to be little old me
Shouldn't have to think
Who am I suppose to be today
And what gives you the right
To tell me who I should be
Who gave you that right

Cause I, I feel lovely
Just the way that I am
Yes I feel lovely
The way that I am

I know you want the best
Yeah only good things for me
But you have to realize
I can't be all these things you project on me
Cause I'm beautiful to me

Doesn't that mean a thing?
I need that to be enough for you
Need that to be enough for you
Cause it's enough for me
It's enough for me

I promise it's better hearing the song, so if you wish, here is a great youtube audio LOVELY by Sara Haze
Only the author really knows what this song was about.  I immediately felt that someone was telling her she wasn't 'enough' of the right things for that situation.  If that hasn't happened to you, I don't wish it upon your worst enemy.  Sure, life around us can tell us we are not skinny enough, pretty enough, or ambitious enough.  But when you meet someone personally who thinks you should be different than your LOVELY self, it's a hard blow.  I'm over those attacks.  Everyone I know is so LOVELY in their own way I can barely stand it!  It's certainly enough for me, and I enjoy finding the LOVELINESS in myself and my surroundings. 
I couldn't figure out what to post today.  And then I remembered LOVELY tugging at my heart.  We all should feel lovely just the way we are.  It should be enough.  For me, it's quite enough.  I'm content with lovely. 

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