Oct 12, 2010


Hello there! I've been desiring lately to enter the world of blogging.  It's taken me a few weeks to finally decide to jump in and try this life out.  I make no promises that it will last or that it even will contain any worthy postings, but I like to think it's usually best to follow the nudgings in your life (well, some of them).  I journal often, but I think this will be an entirely new world of ramblings, and I'm quite excited!  Two of my close friends have inspired me to capture life in this format.  While I may not be traveling the world just yet, or getting really crafty in all my immense free time, the doors of possibility are open! 

First, let me explain the dear dandelions.  If there is anything from nature that I am truly captivated by, it would be the dandelion.  Yes, the weed that my gifted, gardening mother must agonize over every summer, has always and forever charmed me. I can not even imagine to count all the silly wishes I have made all the way from 3 to 26 years of age.  I have them hanging in my bedroom, on countless trinkets, and even captured in a paperweight.  I'm even thankful that they've grown attention in the design world, because now I'm always looking for them.  In all honesty, they continually remind me that something once thought of as despised or useless can transform into something beautiful and full of hope.  Almost symbolic of our life before our Savior, Jesus.  Oh dear, I bet you thought I wouldn't go that deep so quickly.  Anyhow, that's my explanation of this blog: finding treasures hidden beneath the hum-drum of daily life.  Those treasures are there waiting for us all to enjoy and marvel at no matter where we wander. 

"Roses are red,
 Violets are blue,
 But they don't get around
 Like the dandelions do."  
         ~Slim Acres

Now that this post has happened, it's time for me read a little bit more about the tips and tricks of blogger.  Wish me luck, and thanks for stopping by! 


  1. You will find that blogging is really fun! I look forward to reading about your life!!


  2. How exciting Lauren - can't wait to read too!!!

  3. Oooh my gosh I'm so excited! This just made my day! Love you sweet girl and I'm looking forward to reading.