Nov 28, 2010

i am thankful

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home in Aurora, TX.  Holidays are great with my tiny family, because it's just simple relaxing time with my mom, dad, and uncle.  Oh, and the three cats.  My parents live in what I like to call the country, but it sure can be a nice area away from the hustle and bustle of the DFW.  Right after I arrived, I took a run and was reminded how beautiful life is. 

I am most thankful this year for my Uncle Joey's return home from the hospital.  He was admitted for over 2 weeks, and eventually had a defibrillator/pacemaker put in to help his heart.  After much rest, he is now doing better and was able to come eat with us on Thursday.  He is a funny guy, and I am glad for the memories we made this year.  Praying his health will continue to improve in the coming months. 

Uncle Joey
We actually had the cliche Thanksgiving meal with turkey and the works this year.  Sometimes we spice it up and have Tamale Thanksgiving, etc.  Unfortunately, despite my mother's best efforts, the turkey was a dud.  We joked before it came out of the oven that it might turn out like the Griswold's on Christmas Vacation.  Bad joke, because it wasn't far from the truth.  It gave us all a good laugh, and we drenched it in my late grandmother's delicious gravy recipe when we ate.  She would have been so distraught over that turkey, but we still had a great meal!  I miss her so much during the holidays!

Back in Austin now from the visit!  I am now one test away from finishing up my last fall semester of classwork.  Next time most of you see me, I'll be a P3.5, and applying for rotation choices for my fourth year here in Austin.  Time flies when you are studying (sorta). 

Thanks to my mom for all the cooking and coffee! 

Nov 21, 2010

reporting from battle

Warrior Dash, Central Texas 2010, was a huge success.  This was truly a blast!  If you ever get the chance to run a Warrior Dash, I'd tell you to DO IT in a heartbeat, even if you aren't an avid runner.  If it's somewhere in Texas, I would love to do it with you! I haven't run a race since middle school cross country, and I survived having so much fun (but yes, i'm quite sore today, ha).

Here's a quick summary of our day:

After breakfast, Melodye and I picked up Russ and drove to the middle of nowhere.  More specifically, Rusty's Walnut Creek Ranch in Cedar Creek, TX.  The first races had begun at 8am, so as we entered the park at about 9:30, the atmosphere was already so exciting.  We picked up our bib numbers and shoe tags, along with the wonderful and complementary viking hat and t-shirt.  You can then check all of your items in a tent and get ready just to run.  We wandered around and watched many competitors finish the last hundred yards of their heat at the finish line.  That's the final 2 obstacles of jumping over fire and crawling through mud under barbed wire.  We enjoyed seeing everyone struggle through, and got to laugh at the occasional ridiculous costumes.  I saw a tiny woman dressed as an oompa loompa, a hulk, lots of ninja turtles, and tons of unnecessary tutus.

Team RAWR getting pumped up before the race

Trying to look ready

We finally got to enter into the starting gate with our heat.  I estimate that we ran with at least 400 people, if not more.  Our bright orange attire stood out, and the RAWR was a huge hit because everyone roared at us frequently.  Much thanks to Paige for that idea!  The first half of the race was full of tough terrain and a few obstacles including running through and over tons of demolished cars.  The second half really turned fun as we ran through a large creek with water up to our knees.  Melodye and I came out of that looking like we swam.  There was a huge spiderman horizontal net that is probably the cause of most of my sore muscles, and there was also a towering pyramid of bales of hay to climb over.  I think pure adrenaline got me through.  As we neared the end, we climbed over a 20 ft. tall army wall and sprinted (well, tried) over two rows of burning fire only to come to the dreaded mud pit.  It's covered by barbed wire so you have no option but to crawl through.  It looked easy enough watching others but turns out it was extremely cold and thick.  After running, we barely could pull ourselves through that mess.  I loved it!  We finally crossed the finish line with 10 pounds of mud and debris on our bodies and we were handed a medal, water, and peeled bananas. 

We did it!
We finally got cleaned up by two men who spray fire hoses of water on large crowds of muddy racers.  Russ thought it was a very 'third world' experience, but it felt so good to be mud-free.  The final perk of the race is a free beer.  It was cold and refreshing and paired so nicely with the 5 lb turkey legs I'd been dreaming of. 

I ended the day by learning how to throw tomahawks, because that seems like such an important skill.  Not your normal Saturday to say the least! 

I really want to do another dash if I get the chance.  I also secretly wish they were about 5 miles because that would be a true endurance test if you ask me.  Thanks so much to Russ Guild who is the reason I even knew this race was happening in South Texas.  I had so much fun with both of these kids, and I'll leave you with one final picture to enjoy....especially if you are an ACU Wildcat!

Nov 19, 2010

it's time

In less than 24 hours, I will be at the....
Tonight, I'm making t-shirts for Melodye Cure, Russ Guild, and myself so that we are ready to become a warrior in the proper attire.  We make for a random group and I am so excited about it.  Wildcat love!  I can't wait for all the funny memories.  Look for an entertaining post this weekend after we brave the 3.2 mile course.

Nov 16, 2010

winter love and crushes

I'll admit that I'd prefer a stifling hot day of mid-August to any day in the Winter.  But, I do enjoy some perks of the colder days. It takes me a while to finally accept that the coolness is here to stay. Once there, I crush hard on wool, pretty blankets, pearls, mittens and gloves I never wear, and scarves.  I'm very excited about all the grey I've been seeing in the can be such a flattering color in the winter with rosy cheeks!  Here's some sweet winter favorites I've found.  I'm ready for quiet nights with hot chocolate and favorite movies!!  Hope it's a good season for you.

Nov 10, 2010

on repeat

Those are my top 10 current favorite songs right now.  They are not necessarily new or the hottest tracks on the block, but they have been filling my car rides and study hours with sweetness.  I thoroughly enjoyed ILike's handy playlist creator that gives you an HTML code for free to post anywhere! 

P.s. Happy, Happy, Birthday to my wonderful mother, Susie!  I hope you had a great day and I miss you!

Nov 6, 2010

gypsy afternoon

Today, I had the great opportunity to attend this:
There really is nothing like Austin's trailer food.  For those not so fortunate to live near S. Congress or the other trailer hot spots, this festival was SUCH a good idea!  This was the first annual gathering, and I am happy to say that I attended.  I got to spend the day with two friends from pharmacy school that I'm getting to know very well this year.  Sarah and Stephanie were the perfect girls to go and eat with and listen to some live music.  I am sad that neither of them will be spending their rotation year in Austin. 

We began our day with the seriously-too-good Mighty Cone.  I haven't had this delicious fried chicken and coleslaw tortilla cone concoction since ACL all the way back in 2008.  Delicious!

Sarah and I starting the day

After this, the austin crowds really showed up in true fashion and the park started looking just like ACL only no bands.  It was a fun time warp for me.  We sampled some burgers from Hat Creek Burger Co. that were soooo good.  I realize I had fasted all morning, but I think that may be the best burger I've had in a long time.  Trailers just make things taste good.  Finally we decided on dessert at Bananarchy.  They freeze bananas, dip them in chocolate, and then let you pick what toppings you want sprinkled on.  Heavvven.  But heaven turned out to be a really long wait.  I never ever dreamed I would stand in line for an hour and half for a banana.  We did.  It was humorous.  Sarah and I decided that we can figure out how to make these frozen treats.  Who wouldn't enjoy a frozen banana dipping table for their next shower?!?

Stephanie and Sarah enjoying their bananas
Days like these make me so thankful that I have experienced Austin living.  Only here can you show up to a park, watch hundreds of dogs play around, and sample food from vendors that will hopefully never decide to go into the chain world.  It was a beautiful day in Austin that turned out to be a little hot! I can't believe that I got sunburned in November. I love you, Austin.

Much thanks to these sweet girls for a fun day! 

Nov 3, 2010

jobs are weird

I'm on a blog lull currently, so this could be full of my inner pointless rambling.  Please enjoy or skip.

Sometimes school can be so monotonous that it's easy to forget that I'm being trained for a vocation.  It still feels like I'm studying just to get to the next class, but in reality, I'm creeping closer to actual WORK! (gasp!)  It's weird to think that any of us can choose just about anything to "do".  Rocket scientist, librarian, homemaker, archaeologist, barista, dolphin trainer.....the world is our playground.  I chose a playground that people only need when they are too sick to play.  Some chose playgrounds that people need when all they want to do is play.  It's such a huge choice that is asked of us.  Some say they don't find that calling until so late in life.  Regardless, we sleep more in our life than anything else.  But after the shut eye, we work.   Do you ever look up from your daily job and think, 'this is weird?'  I mean that in the most simplest  and humorous way.  For instance...if my day involves school (which is most), I usually spend my time looking at things like this:
or this....

Those pictures were so stunning I bet I've enticed you to keep reading...ha! But my point is, jobs are weird.  Did I ever think looking at those things would really get my engine going??  No.  Did I think that I loved medicine, people, and math and pharmacy really tailored to those things? Yes.  Did anyone let me see the details after I had decided on the 'big picture'? Nah. I think that would spoil the fun. 

I have so many friends and family that do sooo many different things as their 'job'.  The titles are nice to throw around, but I always really wonder what they truly do when they get to the office, or kitchen, or highway.  Jobs ask weird things of us.  Boring tasks, funny encounters, and daily activities that you can't really even explain.  Sometimes, you don't even know why you are doing them.  I secretly love that.  Somehow, we are all holding this fragile working world together by doing random things.  I'm proud of everyone that gets the job done that is asked of them.  No matter what it is, it's important. 

My job will be making sure I know everything I can about the medicine you are taking.  That's just a surreal thought.  I used to need help pouring my own milk when I was young, but don't worry...I'll get your IV antibiotics ready when needed.  Eeek!  But, that's so me.  I like to make sure there is a hefty dose of pressure in my life at all times.  I'm very envious of others that get to make choices and do things at work without scary consequences....(weathermen, cough cough).  I'm in awe of those that work in creating things.  I'm in love with those that start their own companies or discover new paths.  And, I'm partial to those that simply spend their days serving others. 

Jobs are just weird.  Jobs are scarce.  Jobs are tough.  I hope you enjoy yours, I hope you find one, or I hope it's worth every morning's journey to do it.  It shapes how we handle so much else of our real life happenings.  I'll leave you with an old faithful as we complete another week of work...

"Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might."  ~Eccl. 9:10