Oct 14, 2011


12 miles
29 obstacles
Team of 5
People I know crazy enough to do this
Tyler Graham, Mike Gomez, Me, Juanita Britton, Summer Tarver

This was one of the most intense days of my life.  About a week before the race, the creators changed it from 10 miles to 12.  I took that news very hard and wondered how that was going to be possible.  I was worried about my knee and the fact that I've never run more than 7-8 on my own.  But, I'm here to tell you that after about 5 hours....we finished.  Here's a few pictures for proof:

ice mud bath. not enjoyable.

12 foot army walls with NO ropes


teammates for life - from tennis to mud

absolutely my favorite picture of the day

"The Shocker" - Mikey is always a gentleman ha.

If  you are thinking you might do this someday, I would recommend it.  I would recommend a small team like this, a few friends to take pictures of you (hugest thanks to Paige and Russ for being our photographers and cheerleaders), and some pretty good training.

1. I was jealous of those who wore camelbacks.  We were soooo thirsty.
2. You will never get "rinsed off".  It's just mud, sludge, muddy water or more mud.  Put that in your mind.  I didn't.
3. I never thought about the running.  That was the easy part.
4. There is no shame to skip an obstacle if  your gut tells you that you will surely hurt yourself.
5. You WILL fall. I would have felt better taping my ankles.  Got lucky.
6. Wear clothes that are 2 sizes too small so they don't stretch off.
7. Eat a big breakfast. BIG.

Finally, I think once is enough.  Please don't ask me to join you in 2012, because I think I'll still be rinsing the mud out of my ears and using icy hot.  

Thanks for a great day, team.  "Mo Muddy, Mo Problems!"

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