Oct 6, 2011

i neglected my blog

Somehow, I'm on rotation #3!  The days are going by so slowly, but the weeks are flying!  Here's a recap:

  1. Completed retail pharmacy down off Lamar in Austin....independent pharmacy is better than corporate, but it's still not my niche.  It's a bizarre feeling being the final check on prescriptions.  And, South Austin patients are more loony than you can ever imagine.
  2. Headed to Temple, TX and completed Ambulatory Care.  This was FUN!  I provided 30 minute appointments with patients who were monitoring their diabetes, hypertension, or asthma.  Diabetes is terrible....take care of  yourself!
  3. Currently working at the Central Texas Poison Center in Temple!  Bet you didn't know that when you call the poison number, you get a real-life pharmacist to talk you through the situation!  People do strange things, scary things, and some things that I still can't explain.  Enjoying it...especially the 4 day work week!  
you should memorize this number...you never know
So...that explains my lack of blogging.  I feel like I'm on a road trip everyday.  In a blink of an eye, I'll be back at home working in Arlington through December.  

I've been battling some knee problems and painfully taken some time off of running.  I am hoping it is well rested for this Saturday....because it's time to go run 12 miles and battle 29 obstacles in the 'toughest event on the planet'.  TOUGH MUDDER 2011 here we come!!!  I've got a really random, fun team of 5 who decided it was totally sane to enter this event.  I'm a so thrilled to be running with my ex-teammate, Summer Leigh Tarver.  She's known me since I was about 10, so you can only imagine us trying to pretend we are still college athletes. My dad is coming into town and will be watching, along with the dynamic duo of Paige Schmidt and Russ Guild. I have a parent and two emergency trained personnel ready to provide aid :)  The shirts I made came in last night:

Expect a post soon when I recover!

Have great weekend!

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