Oct 15, 2011


The Halloween decorations and ideas I've seen this year have been darling.  But, let's be honest...I don't have time nor the home to go crazy with Pinterest projects.  It's such a fun time of year for the kids, but we're short a few of those around here.  I did decide this year that I wanted to carve pumpkins.  I don't remember really doing this as a kid....my mom assures me it happened, but that I didn't care too much about the yucky part of the carving.  Makes sense.  Regardless, I think it's something you need to do at least once. It turned out to be a really soothing Thursday evening at our apartment.  

 The final product:

I had some motivation to get this done, because I wanted to try a cinnamon sugar recipe for the seeds.  They turned out pretty tasty, but what isn't edible when it's coated in those two ingredients?

Disclaimer: I had more than a few people tell me that we were carving too early.  I kinda laughed it off, thinking they would survive.  Boy, I was wrong.  Mine definitely started collapsing by the second day.  Tonight, when I tried to lift on one of the lids, I was greeted by some really weird white mold.  Yick. We didn't want to wait, but I've heard that coating them in vasoline or sprinkling those silicone packet pellets helps the slow down the decay. 

At least the seeds are safe in tupperware :)

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