Jun 21, 2011

Last trip home

My mini-summer is FLYING by!  I went back home for about 9 days, and was in heaven!  I give Aurora, TX, a hard time, but it's high up there on my getaway spots mostly due to my parents.  I really need to take the time to thank them....THANK YOU!  I am happy to be an only child, and they spoil me in their own way, but I know they would do the same for 4 kids if they had them.  I think it was different coming home this go-around because, finally, there are no classes and tests looming.  It's a great feeling.  If I ever have kids, I know now that it takes time to be appreciated for everything that parents do.  Love yall so much!

10 things my parents' home provides without asking:
1. coffee ready and waiting....blissful
2. cold water and a towel ready after you work out
3. laundry accommodations
4. laughter and love*
5. incredibly delicious homemade food (some from the garden)
6. shopping
7. cats to enjoy without feeding or scooping litter box
8. 10pm bedtime willingly (it's already 11 here and i'm still up...why?!?!)
9. time spent with my uncle from dallas
10. antique-ing and snow cones!
*included in this love was 2 cans of mace from the father.  that's another story!

If you ever need to get away....I know a place. call me for reservations.

Also, after a sudden and unexpected passing, I had to say goodbye to my Dell yellow laptop.  I had hoped for 4 years together, but 3 was all allowed.  I still don't know what a 'motherboard' is, but I'm mad that they take it upon themselves to crash.  Doesn't seem very 'mother-like' to me.  In transition, my mom and I decided that it would be fun to sew a laptop case for the new computer. Another DIY adventure.  My mom is not even a huge seamstress, and she made this really cute case out of a quilted pillow sham for 2.99 at Ross.  We looked at patterns on the interweb, but this here beauty came mostly from her ingenuity.  



final result....i learned how to sew my first button at 27 :)
with computer

We're not huge picture people in my family, but I managed a few out at my Dad's house that he built.  It's also for sale, if you are in the market for a secluded spot near a golf course with a pond 20 feet out back. (shameless plug).  We had fun fishing during open house, but didn't catch any.

Susie Girl
neat shot of daddy jack fishing
I was also able to sneak in a little Borecki time in Ft. Worth.  I'm telling you, there is nothing better than seeing a friend who knows you best.  Second to that, is watching her 2.5 yr-old grow when you pop in and out of his life.  I am now referred to as La-La Lauren.  Bridge has a huge thing for proper names, but he still uses the nickname and it makes me so happy.  He is so grown-up.  He repeats lots of things, so you have to be super careful.  He still gives huge hugs, does that contagious toddler laugh, is obsessed with any kind of animal, and has an adventurous appetite.  I hope to one day teach the kid the beauty of sleeping in late, and I hate leaving them.  We went to NRH2O....which I haven't frequented since my junior high days on movie nights in the lazy river.  What a trip.  He is a fish and loves everything about the water.  I just love him.  

It's going to be weird having to run home for quick weekends once rotations begin.  But, how could I not manage with the memories like those up there?

See ya soon, DFW.

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