Jun 5, 2011

DIY headband fail

I see crafts all the time that I want to make while I'm studying or busy with school.  When finals ended (all went GREAT and no more school), I decided to try to make a headband that I saw on this tutorial: link to cute headband tutorial

If you look at the site, the headband appears, at least in my mind, to be so cute and wearable.  I blame the tie dye and gray combo for suckering me in.  Still, I somehow conned my mom into helping me scrounge up some t-shirts and join me in the fun....aka help me cut fabric.  Love you, mom.

Here's where I went wrong:
1) did not scroll down to the end of tutorial to see how bad directions were
2) picked terrible colors of t-shirts (i don't even wear red)
3) made my mom work really hard on cutting shirts (i get nervous around sharps)
4) did not stop to think that a 8 strand braid is really wide

In the end, I don't think my mom and I have laughed that hard in a long time.  Here's a play by play of why I should stick to buying crafts, or maybe do better research next time.
my mom studying the directions....she's good at this

laying it all out

still hopeful at this point...

what is this?

yes...they told me to add the extra single braid...too far in to stop now

not what i imagined. at. all.
you should be scared

still nope.
In the end, I recreated the tragedy of a 'headband' into a cat toy.  That's the only creative thing that happened this evening, but I think Zoe the cat loved it.

If anyone has any legit headband ideas, I would love to share in the fun.  My mom may pass on the next one :)


  1. That cracked me up!! You kinda look like a red white and blue statue of liberty! But way to go and be crafty! Miss you!!

  2. Ok you are hilarious! How did I not know you had a blog. Love seeing all your pics!