Jun 27, 2011

good news x 2

I have good news.  Before I tell you, here's a rather boring discussion of my Pharmacy Monday:

Today was a bit of a long day after the lazy and blissful summer schedule I've been keeping.  Woke up at 6:30, then drove to school at 8 for an all day orientation for rotations.  We stayed until 4 and part of the day consisted of actual clinical reviewing.  I know, I know, it's like I actually signed up for pharmacy school or something.  It was all fun and games with paperwork until they had to start throwing around calculations and dosing and 'of course you remembers'.  By the looks of my 30 classmates in that room, you would have thought we had just taken the state board test we were so tired.  I will say, that I finally felt like this was what pharmacy school should be!  We don't have much of a clue of how our year will look, but we do know that 7 different healthcare sites are going to teach us a LOT about pharmacy.  I know that a week from today, things will get real.  I don't quite remember the last time I stood on my feet for a full 8 hour (maybe 12) work day, counted pills that don't include my own vitamins, talked to real patients, or even drove in rush-hour on purpose.  I'll take all the prayers and well-wishes out there as I start this new chapter.  So excited!

During the course of the day, I found out GOOD NEWS #1:
        I will be spending Nov.7 - Dec. 16 at a wonderful pharmacy in Arlington!!  Some of you know that this has been a 6 month process of creating my own rotation outside my assigned region.  I am thrilled!  Mostly, because this little place is doing great things in the world of Long Term Care Pharmacy, and somehow I was lucky enough to be introduced to this opportunity.  Thanks to those of you who prayed about this for me and always wanted updates!  And yes, I said Arlington.  That means hello, parents' house!  Hello, DFW! And hello to a great workplace.  See you really soon!

I came home to some snail mail that introduced GOOD NEWS #2:
       I do NOT have any food allergies!   I've spent about 2 years avoiding eggs and a few other foods due to some unknown stomach issues.  Even though I don't have all the answers, I do know that I am confident in reintroducing the foods back into my diet since they are not the culprit and I have blood work to prove it.  It sounds silly, but I have missed eggs more than you can imagine.  You know what I'll be eating for breakfast!

I know it's often easier to be thankful when things are going well.  Good news = things going pretty well.  But, at the end of today I got word that a friend of my family had passed away this morning.  He was a sweet man and a good friend to my father.  Others around me have also suffered great losses this month.  I hope that you find comfort in the midst of the grieving.  And I hope that you are thankful that we have a loving Father in Heaven who will make all things new.

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  1. I was so happy to read this, love! I'm missing you and hope we get to catch up in dfw weekend after next.