Mar 28, 2011

hungry girl

I'm baaaack! Back from Spring Break, back from lots of studying, back from quite a bit of sleeping.  This weekend was quite enjoyable, because it's the last time I can remember that I did not open ONE book.  I can't believe myself, but I enjoyed every bit of it.  I even squeezed in the first pool time of 2011.  I think I have some pictures I want to post, but I left my camera in Dallas a few weeks ago.  It's better than losing my camera.  I've done that way too many times.  Anyhow, pictures to come later.

Today I'm gonna take this moment to rave about Hungry Girl.  I'm a 'hungry girl' all the time, but I'm referring to this lady:
Lisa Lillien, founder of Hungry Girl

I'll be short and sweet to the point: she creates meals that are super low in calories, using substitutes she finds at the grocery store.  Disclaimer: she does not heavily focus on the 'healthy' or 'not-so-healthy' part of some of these substitutes.  

I'm just here to tell you that the following two recipes are pretty OUTSTANDING.  And, a big thanks to my mom for sending me the Hungry Girl Recipe Book!

If you have a small or large love for an oreo cookie McFlurry from McDonald's.....this tastes just like it for less than 70% of the calories.  You'll thank me later.  Promise.  
Super Easy/Quick Recipe Found Here

If you need a quick and new chicken recipe that it easy and taste tested by myself and my roommate, try this soon!  
Nacho-Rific Stuffed Chicken Recipe Here
All credit given to Hungry Girl.

Hope you all have a great week!

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