Jul 12, 2011

making time

Now that I'm a member of the working world again, I remember how exciting it is to look forward to the weekends.  I also know that what you carve out time for becomes much more special than when your calendar is wide open.  That being said, I am so excited for the weekend ahead!!

It's time to celebrate Julia and Baby Perry!!!  I'm writing in PINK for her.  She will probably make her big arrival sometime in late August and we can't wait to meet her.  It's time to steal the mom-to-be away for one last time and have a relaxing girls weekend with the gang!  I would fill you in on the plans, but it's a surprise.

In honor of our reunion, I thought I'd post a few quick pics of our past...hard to believe I met these crazies all the way back in 2002.

Can't wait to see you!!